Workplace Safety Procedures & Training Strategies


Workplace Safety Procedures and skills maintenance.

Do you ever wonder how to make your workplace safety procedures and assessment relevant and more cost-effective?  Well at STG Fire Safety Training we have so many options to help you achieve your goals. Access to our online interface can be designed to suit your specific needs and even use onsite photographs, videos and policies. The following are some examples that may help you take control of your training:

+  Place your induction process online using videos, quizzes, workbooks or other documents. These programs can even include images, audio and assessments. It’s totally up to you.

  • Implement part course programs. If your training has both a theory and practical component then our interface can cover the theory component and you can conduct the practical component.  Reducing time and resources. If you would like, we can conduct both components.
  • You can list your training events on the interface so no one forgets. And best of all, if you want it made private so only your employees can see the information then that can be done as well.
  • One interface can cover multiple site locations and you could even run the same program simultaneously in any part of the country or even the world. Internet access is the only requirement.
  • workplace-training-for-office-work-site Your instructors can take full control of the courses from planning to placing the course online and even implementing the program. You don’t need us at all – but we will be there for support if you have a problem.

There is also the option to have a unique interface setup on your website or hosting package. It can even be branded with your details and the only users will be your employees or people you select to have access.

Workplace Safety Procedures and training courses :

Do you want to structure your training or need a provider to visit your worksite or office to provide training? A Syncretic Training Group we can provide a variety of training courses, skills maintenance and seminars or workshops. Whether its leadership, mentoring, workplace safety or many other disciplines our experienced instructors can guide you through a workplace training program.

Experienced instructors:

All of our instructors have many years of experience. Some are paramedics and others are career firefighters. Often they have retired recently and had a passion to pass on the knowledge they have gained over many years of service. One essential part of training is being able to relate a concept to the real world. Without significant experience, it’s so much harder to do this.

Bringing all forms of training together:

Whether you require online or offline courses or both. The solution needs to fit your organisation. Start a conversation with STG Fire Safety Training who will discuss solutions that are relevant and cost-effective.

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