Fire Warden and Fire Extinguisher Training

fire extinguisher training

Enhancing your business in a changing environment can be hard. Furthermore, fire warden and extinguisher training in Victoria can provide workplaces with trained and qualified personnel who are tasked to maintain safety, as much as possible during emergencies.

Fire Safety Training  can provide employees with valuable skills

Here are some of the duties and required skills of a fire warden.

  1. Maintain a fire safe working environment for colleagues and the public
  2. Rescue, if safe to do so, those under direct threat from the emergency
  3. When a fire occurs use a fire extinguisher to combat the fire in a competent and safe manner
  4. Assist the Chief warden with communications during emergencies
  5. Provide leadership when an evacuation of a workplace is required
  6. Use skills learnt through training to ensure that the building is clear of occupants (eg: two pass method)
  7. Carry out other tasks as require

Download the fire warden training checklist here.

workplace trainingIt is important that the first time a fire warden uses a fire extinguisher is not when a fire occurs. This is where training is the key to a fire safe environment and with the goal of keeping all occupants safe. Australian Standard and Workplace health and safety legislation requires all facilities to have and emergency plan and staff trained to assist during emergencies. This can include all of the listed items above and many more.

How much training should a fire warden have?

Generally fire warden training is around 4 hours long and provides an employee with the basic skills to assist others during an emergency in the workplace. Fire extinguisher training takes generally 2.5 to three hours and must include hot fire training. It should be all done in a controlled environment with an appropriately qualified and experiences trainer and assessor. The cost are fairly standard across the industry and can be reviewed by clicking here.

What are the national competency codes for Fire Warden and Fire Extinguisher trainingbutton-book-online-sml

  1. Fire Warden – Also known as “Operate as part of and emergency control organisation” – PUAFER005
  2. Fire Extinguisher – Also known as “Confine small workplace emergencies” – PUAFER008

Traditionally we have called those tasked with providing leadership during emergencies, “Fire wardens”. Now we call them emergency wardens as a warden can be call on to deal with a variety of emergency situations.

Victoria, including both regional and metropolitan areas, and has extensive industry which is constantly under development. This provides many challenges for business who want to keep the workforce safe and skilled.

At STG Fire Safety Training, we can identify and often fill some of the training gaps with our knowledge of training management – especially in the emergency management and leadership fields.

If your looking for an organisation that provides real workable training and management solutions give us a call to discuss the options.

Program Planning in workplace education stg

Here are some of our workplace training Victoria products:

  • Structural and Wildfire Fighting (Skills maintenance onsite)
  • Leadership programs and mentoring for all levels within an organisation
  • Training needs analysis programs
  • Online Training and e-Learning

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