Workplace Training Victoria and Tasmania

Fire wardens and fire extinguisher training

Enhancing your business in a changing environment can be hard.

Victoria and Tasmania are the the home base for STG Fire Safety Training. Driving around Victoria, one can see the vast range of beautiful spots to stop and take a look. Workplace training Victoria provides a few challenges other states don’t. One is the number of businesses requiring workplace training and a large number of employees.

At times it almost seems like there aren’t enough hours in one day to provide workplace training in Victoria and Tasmania. This is where a network of effective trainers is essential.

Victoria, including both regional and metropolitan, has extensive industrial area’s which are constantly under development. This provides many challenges for a business who would like to keep the workforce safe and skilled. At Syncretic Training Group, we can identify and often fill some of the training Gaps with our knowledge of training management especially in the emergency management and leadership fields.

If your looking for an organisation that provides real workable training and management solutions give us a call to discuss the options.

Here are some of our workplace training in Victoria :

  1. Fire warden/chief fire warden/fire extinguisher training
  2. Emergency management & response planning & testing/reviews
  3. Structural and Wildfire Fighting (Skills maintenance onsite)
  4. Leadership programs and mentoring for all levels within an organisation
  5. Training management programs
  6. Training needs analysis programs
  7. Online Training and e-Learning
  8. Web development programs

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