Enhancing your business in a changing environment can be hard.

Workplace training in South Australia has challenges in terms of the diversity of different regions in SA. From the lush beautiful green fields of the Ayre Peninsular to the again beautiful remoteness of the desert.

It doesn’t matter where people are located there is a need to provide them with adequate workplace training. There are a number of mining companies in South Australia and it has training plays a large role in their success. Even FIFO employees require training in realistic scenarios which is best performed onsite.


Here are some of our workplace training South Australia products:

  1. Fire warden/chief fire warden/fire extinguisher training
  2. Emergency management & response planning & testing/reviews
  3. Structural and Wildfire Fighting (Skills maintenance onsite)
  4. Drug and Alcohol Testing (certified Testers)
  5. Leadership programs and mentoring for all levels within an organisation
  6. Training management programs
  7. Training needs analysis programs
  8. Online Training and e-Learning
  9. Web development programs

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