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Workplace Training Queensland

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Enhancing your business in a changing environment can be hard.

Workplace training Queensland has included a number of priorities over the years including outcomes relating to safety. Cyclones and other severe weather conditions have meant that public and private organisations need to provide training solutions relating to emergency management.

Often workplace training Queensland has concentrated on fire warden training requirements QLD. This is a good start but fire warden training has evolved into a more relevant emergency management tool. Where warden training is provided rather than concentrate on the regular emergencies there should be an emphasis on providing a contextualized approach relating to a given business and local area.

Syncretic Training Group recognises that you may have different needs than your neighbours and friend next door. Each session must be contextualized to cover that historic factor that has caused trouble.

There is a multitude of workplace training in Queensland to help business and the public sector become safer and more productive.

Here are some of our workplace training Queensland products:

  1. Fire warden/chief fire warden/fire extinguisher training
  2. Emergency management & response planning & testing/reviews
  3. Structural and Wildfire Fighting (Skills maintenance onsite)
  4. Leadership programs and mentoring for all levels within an organisation
  5. Training management programs
  6. Training needs analysis programs
  7. Online Training and e-Learning
  8. Web development programs

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