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Enhancing your business in a changing environment can be hard.

NSW is the largest state in terms of population and it also surrounds the Australian Capital. There are probably more industrial and public sector workers within NSW/ACT  than other Australian states Workplace Training. Providing workplace training in NSW/ACT and assessments takes large resources of public and private providers. Managing training appropriately needs to be done with processes and systems in place to overcome a  number of barriers.

With the national training framework, providing a good structure for Australian workplace training in NSW/ACT. Business can generally feel secure in the knowledge that if a Workplace Training provider is registered as/or with an RTO then the service they provide should be a good quality training solution. STG Fire Safety Training and associates goes one step further. If we can’t provide a qualified trainer with extensive industry experience then we will not provide the training. In the field of HSR training NSW, this could be more critical

Such a framework should incorporate requirements relating to experience in a given field or industry. Only mentoring and associated experience can ensure real quality and leadership solutions.

Here are some of our workplace training in NSW/ACT products:

  1. Fire warden/chief fire warden/fire extinguisher training
  2. Emergency management & response planning & testing/reviews
  3. Structural and Wildfire Fighting (Skills maintenance onsite)
  4. Drug and Alcohol Testing (certified Testers)
  5. Leadership programs and mentoring for all levels within an organisation
  6. Training management programs
  7. Training needs analysis programs
  8. Online Training and e-Learning
  9. Web development programs

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