Australia has the lowest number of workplace-related deaths and hazards in the whole world. The deaths and accidents at the workplace have also been decreasing year by year, making the states workplace health and safety (Victoria) very good. Every October, Australia celebrates National Workplace health which to some extent is crazy because workplace safety and health should be a year-round choice. However, it is the perfect time to highlight the failures and keep improving on them.


Governance and workplace health and safety (Victoria)

In 2017, the Employment Minister, Michaelia Cash, who officiated the National Safe Work Month said that workplace safety is feasible. We all share our experience and knowledge on what creates safety at work. Cash further said that despite Australia being the safest place to work in, there is still a need to improve on the safety. Making working more safer to avoid workplace deaths that are still there.

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State inspection and enforcement
The communication bit of it
The evolution of workplace health and safety in Australia
The future of workplace health and safety

 State inspection and enforcement

The workplace health and safety inspectorates in Australia use a unified system. Typically the country has a generalist inspector that is multi-skilled. Some areas have been retained by jurisdictions. The areas include psychosocial hazards, dangerous goods, construction, hazardous goods, machinery, plant, and ergonomics. Some of the jurisdictions are equipped with specialist investigators who are devoted to investigating matters that will face prosecution.

The work health and safety (basic fire safety) statutes equip inspectors with powers to issue prohibition and improvement notices. The government has also made it possible to improve workplace health and safety by providing resources to the different government agencies involved. This is through providing machinery, and technical help in case a work-related calamity occurs. 

The communication phase

Anybody who has subscribed to Ohs Alert most especially HR might have realized that there is more that needs to be done. The Health and Safety portal of information sends alerts on workplace accidents and litany of failures.

The newsletters include workers in confined place overcome by toxic fumes, power line accidents by a crane operator, to other regular problems like not investigating workplace bullying. The information only shows the much work that is kept under the covers that need to be dealt with.

Despite shrouded in negativity there are however some positive attributes to talk about. For example, an announcement from Yarra Valley Water shows how the company uses new workplace safety procedures that have led to no casualties as compared to before.


The company came up with an innovation dubbed “safety action squads” that put teams in the business sphere to the task to have a different approach to safety. Teams showcased film clips, talks, and activities during lunch breaks to teach more on the meaning of safety in different organization parts. A case in point the treatment workers discussed on the chemicals they are in contact with while workers at the call-centre talked on their strain injuries and mental health issues.

The evolution of workplace health and safety Victoria

The National Occupational Health Company KINNECT specializes in injury Management, Injury Prevention, Medical and Health services. All to energy resources, mining, energy resources, logistics and transport, HR sectors, and government.

The CEO of KINNECT, Kevin Conlon, confirmed that after having worked in the field for 20 years. He had realized a change in the people’s mindset. People are becoming more concerned with workplace risks and are creating policies even at grass root levels to control these risks.

In the past, most companies wanted workers to leave their place of work more organized than they found it. For now, things are changing in Australia, and it is the companies that are creating a conducive environment for the workers instead. Organizations are making sure that the health of the workers is topnotch with most companies in Australia. Even having medical cover for their workers Conlon further said.


The future of Workplace Health and Safety

The Australian workplace health and safety is promising and heading for the best. The industry is changing and embracing technology that can detect these problems before they occur. Factories and workplaces have not been left out in this change in technology. 

Conlon says that what drives health and safety is data, and despite utilizing analytics, things have changed today. The data can sometimes be confusing, while other aspects are forgotten. For example, being obese at work can be attributed to a better working environment from the company. So how do you deal with an issue like that? Technology can help in such cases where companies must invest in modern technology that can capture the tiny details which can always blow out of proportion.

Wearable technology

While wearable tech, AI, and workplace surveillance are the future in Australia, and some are already here, they do pose some challenges. The biggest challenge is privacy because these technologies are meant to follow an employee to wherever they are going. How are we going to make use of these technologies without posing the privacy threat? Even established developers like Google are worried about such technology issues or challenges. 

The wearable technology can only be challenged legally by using safety if it poses a legal battle on privacy. No matter how we might perceive the future of Australia in technology on health and safety Conlon says that it will no longer be about an employer doing it for the employee but rather for the well being of everybody. 

Workplace and safety are all about sharing and gathering knowledge. It is more like what happens after training where individuals need to personally grow and learn other things to add to what they already know. 


The harmonization of workplace health and safety in Victoria (Australia) has made Considerable progress, most notably the judiciary. Australian laws are changing to match up the technological advances in workplace health and safety. But the question of privacy infringement cannot be swept under the covers. It is something to ponder on how far is surveillance in the workplace? Nonetheless, technological changes have helped in giving warnings to events before suddenly happening. Australia still stands as the world safest place to work in with improved laws that ensure workplace safety. Safety view has changed, and it is not a fit all monopoly.

By Ken Walker

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