at and accident you will understand why first aid is so important

You have met some friends for dinner. While you are preparing food, one of them has the bad luck of cutting a finger. What do you do? What would be the benefit of having basic first aid knowledge in such a situation? Not only would you know how to heal the hand or how to stop excessive bleeding.

Other scenarios where immediate attention to a sick or injured person is essential are, for example, heat stroke due to excessive summer sun; a broken ankle after stumbling on the street; the painful (and sometimes dangerous) bite of an insect; a boiling oil burn while you fry a piece of meat; or the obstruction of the respiratory tract when an olive chokes you.

In all these circumstances, first aid will help you save the life of the person who needs medical attention, avoid complications, and relieve physical pain. However, It is essential to know how to perform first aid gestures and care effectively so as not to worsen the patient’s health. Here we you learn why first aid is important.

What exactly is first aid?

First aid includes all measures that people take in an emergency until professional help arrives. The goal is to stabilize the condition of the injured or sick person until the rescue service takes over the care. It is important to take the victim to a safe place, to initiate life-saving emergency measures if necessary, and to notify the emergency services (emergency call 000 if you are in Australia).

Why is first aid important?

Its importance is hard to overestimate. Let’s find out together why first aid is important:

Helps to save lives

The exceptional situations in daily life (storm, flood, or attack) sometimes put individuals in difficult medical situations such as malaise, stroke, cardiac arrest, injuries, and first aid is sometimes decisive. It significantly increases the chances of saving lives when a trained person takes immediate action in emergency situations.

Prevent the situation from becoming worse.

The need to act quickly and appropriately is so important in emergencies. But a bad practice can be very damaging for the victim, causing more damage and making the consequences even worse. If a person knows how to react and what he has to do can prevent the situation from becoming worsen. In some situations, if a person who had an accident or sick doesn’t receive the first aid care, his situation will immediately deteriorate and often rapidly in some cases. So if you provide the basic first aid care, the patient can be stabilized until emergency health professionals arrive. Even if you have not first aid kit, you can use the household items as tools to cope with emergency situations. You can also collect the data and information about what happened with the patient and how’s his condition and pass on to the emergency medical services that can save their time. This way, you will be a valuable connection in survival’s chain.

giving a helping hand with first aid

It encourages healthy and safe living.

A person who has the first aid knowledge can assess the situation in a better way. First aid training promotes the wellbeing and sense of safety among the people. Moreover, when you have awareness and keep you safe, it reduces the number of accidents as well as causalities.

Seconds Count in an Emergency
In the case of life-threatening medical situations such as cardiac arrest, it takes only 3 to 4 minutes for the brain to expire due to lack of oxygen. So you have only a few minutes before the human brain becomes starved of oxygen. It is vital to call the emergency services or ambulance, but the health worker’s assistance may takes time to reach the patient. That’s why first aid is important to keep the patient alive until professional help arrives.

Makes people more secure:

Knowing that you can help others in emergencies and save their lives or your own life makes you more secure and relaxed. The sense of security promotes a more confident and healthy environment around you. And the people that are associated with you also feel more secure. The presence of such people provides comfort and hope to your loved one and acquaintances in an uncertain situation.

Helps relieve pain:

Some injuries or sickness require a pretty simple solution such as quick rub or ice pack and sometimes call to emergency services is not necessary. Sometimes, you are in a situation where your phone doesn’t work; you can’t approach professional help. In such cases, calling a person who is trained in first aid is more trustworthy. He performs the simple first aid gestures that can help to reduce pain at least temporarily.

It creates confidence to care.

When you know basic first aid saving gestures, you will be more confident in your first-aid administration abilities. Moreover, the first aid knowledge lets you know how you and others should react in emergency situations. This understanding and knowledge boost your confidence level.

It encourages healthy and safe living

A person with first aid knowledge can better assess the situation and his surroundings than a person who does not have such understandings. Being safe is always better than be sorry. Having understanding lets, you keep more alert and safe that encourages safe and healthy living.

Having first aid Knowledge also benefits the individuals themselves:

Whether the emergency affects the people they work, live and themselves directly, first aid stops the severity of an emergency in any situation.

Bottom Line:

Many of us don’t consider the importance of first aid, but knowing how we have to react at an unexpected time can help save lives. It also promotes a secure, healthy, and safe environment and boosts confidence among the people. Having knowledge of first aid is really helping in dealing with life-threatening or trauma situations. First aid training not only provides medical assistance, but the confidence they show is helpful during fatalities. A trained person who provides first aid is not useful for himself but also for society.

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