Training Needs Analysis & Skills Management

From time to time employers undertake and manage workplace training. Productivity often increases substantially when good training plans are formulated and implements. At Syncretic Training Group we have a background in delivering, assessing and managing training. As such, we can provide a training management structure that works.

Workplace Training & Skills Maintenance

Maintaining employee skills can often be hard and essentially can cost a whole lot of money. Therefore, it is important to manage training and only provide accreditation when required. To maintain skill levels often only requires skill maintenance. Furthermore, such skills maintenance can be programmed into the normal day to day operations often with only minimal cost.

Farm Fire Safety

Every year in Australia there will be a farm or farms somewhere impacted by fire. Thus, risk mitigation and protection of one of the communities greatest assets requires substantial emergency planning. Good emergency managers provide planning for the follow key areas. Preparedness, response and recovery. Furthermore, each section should receive similar emphasis and time during the planning and implementation stages.


Fire Warden Training

Every day there are emergencies happening in workplaces. Some may require the emergency services to respond. Other less critical situations may require the legislated emergency control organisation to respond and bring the incident to a successful conclusion. Insurance companies are requiring greater emergency planning to help mitigate, not only the businesses risk, but there associate risk.Therefore, implementing appropriate policy and procedures has never been more important than it is now. Even though, the risk may not have changed for decades. Why don’t you discuss your options with Syncretic Training Group Emergency Planners.


Leadership and Mentoring Programs

Leading others, can at time, be frustrating and/or impact on our level of personal stress. Therefore, its important to reflect on those we lead and self analyse ones achievements or lack there of. Often having an outside/external influence (mentor), can help give important insights into the best pathway forward. Personal growth being the desired outcome. My role as a fire service leader over the past two decades. Has provided both good and bad personal pathways forward. Furthermore, providing insights onto the positive and negative aspects. Call me at Syncretic Training Group to discuss how our programs fits with your personal and organisational desired outcomes.


Weather Basics Short Course.



Grass fire Fighting in Australia



Disaster Recovery Planning for Resilience



Grievance Resolution Policy



Drug and Alcohol Policy



Harassment and Bullying Policy