California Wildfires Forces Evacuation in Multiple Counties

California Wildfires Forces Evacuation in Multiple Counties

Authorities issued orders of evacuation on Monday for the entire Auberry, a mountain community in Central California when the Creek Fire got out of control. The dangerous Creek Fire has grown to 80,000 acres in size and so far, none of the California wildfires has been contained. Evacuation centers in Fresno and Oakhurst are open. The fire is burning on both sides of the San Joaquin River.
The evacuation order came when wildfires continue ravaging California. Another fire began as a result of gender reveal celebration, destroying homes and forcing thousands to evacuate their communities. Currently, 76 active wildfires are burning in the USA and 22 of them are in California.
The couple along with kids were seen celebrating in El Dorado Ranch Park in Yucaipa on Sunday, September 6, 2020. This park is a popular destination for taking photos as the grass turns golden, making an incredible backdrop. But when the brush dries out, it also has great potential to catch fire. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happen. The Police is investigating the case right now to verify the cause of the fire.

Counties Under State Of Emergency

A state of emergency was declared on Sunday in 5 counties as multiple wildfires are burning across the state. The emergency orders apply to Mariposa, Fresno, Madera (where the Creek fire is burning) San Diego, and San Bernardino where the Valley Fire and El Dorado fire are burning.
Electrical companies in these counties are also considering to shut down power. On Monday, PG&E announced that 172,000 customers in twenty-two counties in North California could be facing power shut off. This is to prevent electric equipment from catching fire. It’s expected that full power will restore by Wednesday.
The three fires have burned 10s of thousands of acres so far. This includes homes of thousands of people. However, as per the National Interagency Fire Center, the number of wildfires for the current year across the country remains below the ten-year average.

Authorities Decide To Close National Forests For Public Safety

Most of California remains under the threat of the growing fire, extreme heat, dry conditions, and win events. On top of all this, the firefighting resources are stretched to their limit as well. For further safety, campgrounds will be closed for public use at both night and day. The Sierra National Forest is also closed since the Creek Fire is burning and is out of control. Two hundred people had to be airlifted over the weekend.
The Yosemite National Park, which is also close to the Creek Fire is preparing for closure to protect its visitors and the park’s vulnerable structure. San Bernardino National Forest is also closed. Residents couldn’t enjoy fishing, biking, and hiking on Labor Day. The authorities closed the forest to reduce the chances of catching fire caused by human activities.

Record-Breaking Wildfires

This year’s California wildfires have been worst in history when it comes to acres burnt. The state broke its record on Sunday with 2.09 million of acres burnt. The worst part is the fire season normally starts in October and movement and the record is broken already!

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