Mother nature works in mysterious ways; some events may cause a stir and massive destruction. Weather vagaries may be unexpected extreme weather events which cause some degree of destruction in the affected areas. Some of these extreme weather conditions include floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, ice storms, extra-tropical cyclones, among many others. Human activity alongside climate change has played a role in aggravating these events, and it also requires human intervention to reduce the effects of extreme weather phenomenons.

Preparedness for extreme weather events
Cyclone Growing Stronger
One way of handling such a situation since they are beyond our control is by staying prepared and alert at all times. These inevitable events are known to reoccur and assuming things would only create room for more disastrous events and losses. Global warming is set to continue to show its wrath, and some of the extreme weather conditions are poised to reoccur. Therefore, it is essential always to plan and stay prepared in case you become a victim of these events.

The aftermath is known to be destructive to physical property which may interfere with the daily running of your business.

Consequences of extreme weather events

When such unfortunate events take place as a business person, you may experience a lot of inconveniences in terms of doing business, reaching out to clients, isolation of employees long haul power outages.

The business environment harbors different companies that provide various services and products to their clients. Some of the services offered depend on the nature of the business. Service-oriented businesses would dwell on internet connections and effective communication.





Manufacturers and retailers would focus on more production of goods, machinery, and the workforce. Knowing the nature of your business helps out to understand how to handle emergency issues as they occur. Despite the harsh weather conditions, a company will have its operations up and running.

Being aware of the kind of risk your business is exposed to will give you an upper hand while preparing for the worst. People may establish commercial or residential properties in areas prone to weather vagary attacks such as floods and tornadoes. It will be hard to establish the degree of damage a weather phenomenon can cause until they take place.

The best thing is always to stay prepared in case mother nature hits back. So Preparedness for extreme weather events is critical. Ignorance will only diminish your hopes of having a fully functional business since it can cause massive damage and disruptions. Coming up with an emergency plan will help you go through such unprecedented situations. 

Below is a list of factors that you should consider before coming up with an ideal plan:

Think about the safety of your workers.

Human life has more worth when compared to the lifespan of your assets and pieces of equipment. A humane employer will consider installing different emergency exit points to help evacuate the employees in case of an emergency. Large businesses should also create assembly spaces where the employees can convene to address various issues

Protect your current and fixed assets.

Assets could be classified in different categories depending on the role, function and need in a business. Assets such as heavy machinery and pieces of equipment make up the huge portion of a company’s equity and worth. It would be wise to consider some safety measures designed to protect some of these assets in case of weather extremities. One excellent example is having accessories such as uninterrupted power supplies that protect the electronics in case there are issues with power distribution due to floods. You could also install storm shutters in your residential or commercial properties to keep your windows and any other fragile structures safe. 

Keep your records and data safe.

Some companies have crucial details and data that help run businesses. It would be a huge blow to experience loss of data and records a business has managed to keep for several years.

Some of the information carries confidential reports and information about their clients and business affairs. To avoid the disappointment, have a data back up plan and devices which will help retrieve lost information from damaged electronics caused by extreme weather events.

Any relevant document also ought to have a duplicate both in soft and hard copy. This makes it easier to retrieve them and avoid long and complex procedures of acquiring the original documents from relevant bodies. Another effective strategy is having an updated and current photo album of all the business assets which will come in handy during insurance assessment claims. 





Establish effective communication.

A disaster can spike up the stress levels of everybody and can create confusion among the management, employees, and clients. A business needs to establish an excellent channel to air the concerns and shed light once a disaster strikes. Mostly when weather vagaries occur, there are power outages and damaged power and telephone lines that might take some time to fix. Coming up with an alternative power source like a backup generator could help solve such issues. It is right to involve the use of mass texting applications to relay information to all the relevant parties when a disaster strikes to try and reach out to every concerned party. Again, requiring some preparedness for extreme weather events

Get the ideal insurance policy.

Being a victim of the effects of weather extremities such as flood damage could be devastating. To mitigate such an issue acquiring the right insurance cover comes a long way to rescue your situation. It is also right to acquire the specific coverage to avoid later disappointment.

The emergency plan needs to go through a thorough insurance review to help your business stay on its feet after a disaster. These kinds of coverage will ensure business continuity, and they include the following: 

Business income insurance.

Most businesses depend on daily income to survive and operate. This policy helps business people recover any form of revenue and other expenses such as payrolls and other necessary expenses.  

Flood insurance.

There are flooding prone areas that face constant water damage issues. Businesses located in such areas need to counter this issue by taking a flood insurance policy. It covers your business against storm surges, hurricanes, heavy flooding ad snow melts. 

Earthquake insurance.

Tectonic forces, volcanic activities, and lines of weaknesses on the earth could be the source of earthquakes. The extent of the damage caused could be dependent on the strength of the earthquakes. They are capable of weakening the foundations of commercial and residential properties. 

Business property insurance.

Business assets make up a huge portion of a company’s worth and wealth. The current and fixed assets both have a role to play in bringing in more profit and facilitating different business operations. 

By Ken Walker

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