Online learning hits the road.


Syncretic Training Group predicts that Online Learning in Australia will expand 10 fold in the next decade. However, It provides a number of benefits which employers will no doubt monopolise on. Even though one factor which will see the expansion of online learning progress is better financial outcomes, this is not the only one.

Often within the training industry, there is a disconnect between specific workplace and courses being provided by qualified trainers and assessors (via RTO’s). This doesn’t have to be the case. Online learning will give these trainers and assessors the opportunity to provide a more consistent approach to training by putting another tool in their toolbox.

Accordingly, it also allows organisations to better provide professional development  experts. Furthermore, in a specific field to develop the online components of courses. Consequently, businesses can have their qualified instructors develop and implement courses using the resources provided by business such as STG Fire Safety Training.

Training in the workplace is here to stay.

In all honesty, we make this prediction with a little disclaimer. Firstly, if the future is moving toward online training it can likely only be for theory components. Additionally, there must always be a practical face to face component where there is a need. As students leave the courses with their new qualifications in hand. They should progress toward proficiency which can also be supported by online training. Imagine that your organisation doesn’t have the time or financial resources to provide effective mentoring. Not to mention,  developing your most important asset, “your employee”.





Taking online learning from the workplace to home.

As well, online training can fill the gaps and motivated employees could get some of the guidance from studying at home. Which I think can be problematic if that is expected by an employer. By the way, a well thought out strategy and compromise will see the companies of the future evolve. Into places where people actually want to spend their time (but probably not all of it).

The online training includes many methods of assessment.

Many organisations, especially well-financed taxpayer-funded departments. Are already making great inroads into the field of Online Learning in Australia.  An Australian Ambulance service provides all its updates and some courses online. Online training, which often includes assessments, is being used to provide equal opportunity for all. Also critical safety courses including staff and visitor inductions. Really the options are endless and available anywhere there is internet access.

STG Fire Safety Training is developing online training resources and courses to help progress towards a sustainable training future. The decisions on how businesses progress will only work if it is planned and molded by businesses like yours. STG is providing real workable training solution via incorporating and considering online training when a training needs analysis is conducted.

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By Ken Walker

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