Every day as Australians report to work; they expect to perform their duties and head back home safe and sound. However, there is always scope and advice available on how to improve health and safety in the workplace. This is not always the routine and safety at work is paramount. A lot can happen in our workplace, leaving us vulnerable to injuries and in extreme cases, even death. Accidents are prevalent in workplaces. As there are a lot of people confined to one area.

Safety at work is the responsibility of everyone

This implies that one person’s mistake can put others at risk of coming into harm’s way. Each worker should, therefore, strive to ensure their safety as well as that of their colleagues. This implies that every worker is responsible for their safety as well as that of their colleagues. Safety should be highly prioritized at workplaces no matter the job description as well as the size of the Business. Working in a safe environment creates a sense of security. Safety at work is very crucial as it also helps in ensuring that production takes place as intended, and it also reduces the risks of injuries and illnesses. Most accidents happen unintentionally. However, there are several precautions that one can take to ensure that accidents are curbed. Lets move on and work further work out how to¬†improve health and¬†safety¬†in the workplace.


How can you prevent accidents at workplaces and promote safety at work ?

Wearing of protective equipment: Depending on the job description, protective equipment such as gloves. Also,  gas mask, earplugs, respirators, reflective jackets, first aid kits, fire extinguishers.
Proper Training: Ensure that workers are adequately trained on the use of equipment.

Ensuring that accidents are minimized. Workers should be knowledgeable about the general use of machines. If necessary, hire experts who are trained and can provide training and assessment.


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Follow instructions: Workers should be keen on following guidelines to avoid causing accidents.

Keeping emergency Exit Accessible:

Emergency exits should be made readily available as well as accessible. There should also be labels such as Emergency exits. Safety Signs are also mandatory. These signs may indicate slippery floors, what to do in case of an emergency. With emphasis on which emergency exits to use in case of an emergency. These signs should be made visible to everyone. Use of Mechanical aids: when necessary or if possible, uses mechanical aids such as conveyor belts, wheelbarrows or cranes to lift heavy objects. Avoid operating heavy machinery while on drugs: While running machines ensure that you are sober to avoid causing accidents. Arrange your workplace: Ensure that your workplace is arranged in such a way that it is easy for you to access everything. You need without twisting or turning.


Stay alert:

Always ensure that you are alert. Take breaks when necessary to ensure that you are vigilant at all times.

Using accidents as teachable moments:

Once an accident occurs, use it as a teachable moment. Talk about the accident and what may have caused it so to avoid repeating the same mistake twice.


Avoid mental distractions:

Stress is also a leading cause of accidents in workplaces. Workers should leave their issues at home as they come to work. Companies should also provide counseling for their workers to help them deal with problems. Some of these may distract them from performing their tasks accordingly.

Company staff, such as supervisors should also not stress the workers or put them under pressure. Instead, they should create a peaceful working environment.


When undertaking a task. Workers should be well prepared with the relevant tools to avoid improvisation, which cause accidents. The right tools should be used for particular jobs. The workers should be conversant with the task at hand.

Avoiding shortcuts:

Workers should not use shortcuts when using machinery. They should also undertake tasks in the allocated time to avoid last minute rush as well as working under pressure.

Avoiding fatigue:

Workers should not be overworked. They should be allowed time to rest or work in shifts. Fatigue causes accidents as one cannot operate heavy machinery.Fatigue causes distractions; one cannot perform duties efficiently while fatigued. Workers should be well rested and should be given time off work.


Harmony among workers:

Workers should solve conflicts among themselves peacefully. Violence at workplaces can quickly escalate, causing accidents at workplaces. Workers should be encouraged to live harmoniously.

Reporting accidents:

all accidents should be reported immediately to avoid further damage. For instance, fires should be notified as soon as they occur to stop them from spreading.

In conclusion, every company hopes to be free from accidents. They can be avoided by following the steps mentioned above. Furthermore, accidents are unintentional but they can be curbed. Workers should be educated by trainers, on what to do in case they do happen.

There should be regular drills to ensure the workers’ preparedness in case accidents occur. Workers should always be prepared in case of an accident. The company should provide the appropriate equipment to curb accidents such as fires.

Fire extinguishers should be provided where possible or required by law.  Also, key workers should learn how to use them. All of these matters will enhance safety at work.

In conclusion, how to improve health and safety in the workplace can be challenging at times. But good leadership, education and an understanding of potential consequences may help to ensure employers and employees remain safe while at work.


By Ken Walker

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