Glossary of Business Emergency Management Terms

Glossary of Business Emergency Management Terms



Emergency Warden Australia

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An emergency warden in Australia is a person who is trained and given workplace emergency response responsibilities. They operate as part of the Emergency Control Organisation (ECO) under the direction and coordination of the chief emergency warden. The emergency warden has often received first attack training as part of the initial emergency warden course in Australia

Emergency Warden Training Ballarat

There are a number of companies that provide emergency warden training in Ballarat. Some are Ballarat based while others operate from surrounding cities including Melbounre and travel to Ballarat to provide accredited training.

Emergency Warden Hat Colours

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There are three main emergency warden hat colours in Australia. They are all listed in the Australian Standard (AS3745-2010) and are as follows. [1] Chief Warden, Deputy Warden and Communications officer use a white helmet. [2] An area warden who reports directly to the chief warden has a yellow colored hat. [3] The emergency fire warden is issued with a red hat. [4] The first aid officer should wear a green hat.

Chief emergency warden

The chief emergency warden has a number of responsibilities, but their main role is to provide command, control and coordination of the emergency control organisation. The emergency fire wardens and area floor wardens report directly to the chief emergency warden who provides the appropriate leadership. They could be likened to the incident controller within the emergency services.

Emergency warden duties

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The emergency warden duties are generally quite specific to a given location. But could include (pre emergency) ensures that all occupants are aware of emergency procedures; Perform safe practices I.e. clear access/egress routes; ensure they have appropriate personal emergency warden identification available and attend training as required by the emergency planning committee (EPC). Activities during and emergency include, act as an emergency warden; Operate communications equipment; check emergency doors are closed or open as required; ensure that all occupants have evacuated and provide a method of accounting for occupants; ensure an orderly flow of people out of the building or complex; provide assistance for persons with disabilities; act as a leader and report to the area or chief emergency warden regularly.

Emergency warden equipment

If the emergency warden is provided with appropriate emergency warden equipment, occupants will generally be more compliance and less prone to panic. This equipment should include a helmet or cap which is dependant on risk; role identified vest or tabard. A kit may also be provided containing a torch, small first aid kit, a copy of the procedures, floor plan and any other items appropriate for the specific location.

Emergency floor warden

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Please see definition for emergency warden Australia.

Emergency fire warden training

Like all emergency workers members of the emergency control organisation including the emergency fire warden require training to be able to perform their role. The basic emergency fire warden course is provided under a national accreditation in Australia and is called PUAFER005 Operate as part of an emergency control organisation.

Emergency fire warden

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The emergency fire warden is a person who takes on emergency response responsibilities during emergencies prior to the emergency services arriving. It could be said that they are the first responders and the emergency services are the second responders.

Emergency warden kit

Emergency wardens must be provided with appropriate tools to perform their roll. This may include location specific items, but should include a torch, first aid kit, a copy of the emergency procedures and emergency warden identification equipment. An emergency warden kit should be kept together in a suitable bag that can be carried easily.

Emergency warden meaning

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This is a person who, in Australia, operates as part of the emergency control organisation in a specific facility. They are generally employees from such a business and are provided training to take on an emergency response role when required.

Emergency warden training online

This type of training is conducted online and is designed for the emergency fire warden. Often carried out in conjunction with face to face instruction. The face to face component will therefore be a little shorter.

Fire warden emergency procedures

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Emergency procedures within a facility or business are designed to give guidance to all members of the emergency control organisation (ECO). They list specific task that emergency warden are to undertake in an emergency. This helps with the overall coordination provided by the chief emergency fire warden.

Emergency warden role

As mentioned above under ‘emergency warden duties’, the role of an emergency fire warden is critical to the successful evacuation of premise occupants which could include the general public. Such roles and responsibilities will be listed in the emergency management plan which is formulated by the emergency planning committee (EPC)

Emergency warden training Victoria

Emergency warden training in Victoria is generally no different to anywhere else in Australia and should initially be accredited. To ensure that an appropriately trained and accredited trainer and assessor provides the instruction. The training revolves around the functioning of the emergency control organisation.

Emergency warden vest

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Emergency Warden vests are generally provided to members of the emergency control organisation in a facility. They provide identification of trained personnel in an emergency and simply by wearing a vest can vastly reduce the level of panic shown by other colleagues

Emergency management plan

An emergency management plan is generally formulated by the Emergency Planning Committee (EPC). Who are regularly leaders and managers within an organisation who understands the risks and complexities of their specific facility. Australian Standard 3745-2010 indicated the role and responsibilities of the EPC. The standard also identifies appropriate membership; how regularly meeting will be held and the record keeping requirements and associate indemnity issues that should be identified and dealt with.

Emergency response plan

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The emergency response plan is part or the overall emergency management plan. LIndicating procedures and systems that must occur during emergencies. The emergency control organisation will be guided by this part of the plan in relation to response. Such a plan should be reviewed after each emergency or yearly.

Emergency evacuation plan

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The emergency evacuation plan is part of the response plan and may include maps and procedures for the emergency wardens to follow when an emergency occurs. This part of the plan indicates who the emergency wardens go about evacuating all occupants from the building including the public if required.

Emergency operations centre

In large complex facilities to facilitate effective command and control of the ECO it may be beneficial to have an emergency operations centre onsite. The emergency services may also use this location for the same purpose. Often a guard house or other dedicated centre will be used. It would be large and have pre arranged equipment available for emergency situations.

Emergency codes

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Within the Australian Standard (AS3745-2010) there are a number of standard colour codes listed. Which are designed to provide consistency of response across organisation. The main ones are as follows; [1] RED – Fire and/or smoke [2] PURPLE – Bomb threat [3] BLUE – Medical emergency [4] BLACK – Personal Threat [5] YELLOW – internal emergency [6] BROWN – External emergency [7] ORANGE – Evacuation.