Hazmat response training and response:

In brief, from time to time we hear of major emergencies involving hazardous materials. Similarly, these types of fires or other emergencies can be devastating to the business and local community.

Thus, everyone form emergency services workers to fire wardens benefit from hazmat awareness training.

  • Knowledge of procedures increases employee confidence when dealing with emergency situation. Involving substances which may effect immediate and local communities.
  • Likewise, Syncretic Training Group Pty Ltd experienced hazmat responders, can provideย hazmat awareness course. We include:
  • +ย  Secondly, preparedness
  • +ย  Responding to hazardous material incidents
  • +ย  Hazardous material identification, and
  • +ย  Lastly, dealing with hazardous materials


Hazmat response training


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In summary, the course runs for six hours and includes scenario training. Thereby, providing the participants with a number of practical challenges and problem-solving opportunities.

As a rule, our course is designed to comply with the national training framework unit of competency – PUAFIR320 – Render hazardous materials incidents safe. (Non Accreditied)


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