Helping Victorian farmers with farm fire safety

Our goal is to pursue our passion of helping property owners to protect themselves and their assets effectively from fire.


Our planners have been part of the emergency management scene for many years and with significant experience working with farming communities.

Above all, farm fire safety and planning for emergencies could be the difference between being able to recover or not,  post-fire.

Australian farmers understand the result of a grass fire or bushfires can be devastating. We work closely with your to produce a workable and cost effective emergency plan.


  • Whether its providing advise on protecting your sheds and homestead, or planning to ensure stock safety. Analysis of the options and further problems solving will be done to establish workable solution.
  • In brief, the total emergency management plan will vary substantially according to the level of protection that has already been implemented.
  • At Syncretic Training Group Pty Ltd we provide a complete analysis of your greatest asset and guide you through from creation to the implementation stages.
  • Finally, if you would like to group three, four or five properties together we will work with them all to establish a community fire safety emergency plan.

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