Workplace Emergency Management Procedures in Victoria

Worker using emergency management procedures

Emergencies are very common in workplaces everywhere. Are you prepared! Emergency Management Victoria and other public organisations work all your around updating emergency management procedures.

What are workplace emergency management procedures

Emergency preparedness in the workplace can be quite a complex activity. Even so, whether you consult the appropriate Australian Standards, industry professional or use documents like the emergency management manual Victoria. The objective should include all of the following:

  • To keep every person in and around your facility safe from harm
  • To protect your assets and livelihood
  • Protect the environment around your facility.
  • To ensure the emergency management procedures are simple, workable, relevant and practised/tested (regularly)

At STG Fire Safety Training our experienced staff can review and/or formulate workplace emergency procedures.  In addition, and in consultation with the client, our plans are thorough and easily implemented, thus enhancing emergency preparedness in the workplace. Your incident emergency management team will be provided with guidance and procedures to ensure effectiveness. emergency planning cycle esstablished for Victoria

Workplace Emergency Action Plan

We leave no stone unturned. To begin with, we are in our element whether producing an appendix item outlining how to evacuate disabled people or formulating a staff training program. In reality, we cover all types of emergency planning from an office building to a mining site.  In brief, our experience and emergency evacuation plan (Australian Standard 3745-2010) and the rest of the document will fit into almost any situation.

Together with our clients, we produce effective workable solutions. Furthermore, we ensure that the emergency management plan is functional and fits with your specific requirements.

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