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fire warden training requirements Victoria dealing with an emergencies

Whether it’s a business seminar, or simply a health and safety inspector visiting your business. What are the fire warden training requirements victoria. In some respects, to answer this question is quite complex. On the other hand the answer would only need to be a couple of sentences long.

In this article the answer to this question will be revisited as it’s very important that business owners and those tasked with emergency planning are aware of their responsibilities. I have provided the basic answer in the table below.


Initial  Training In House Activity Qualified Trainer Qualified Trainer Recommended
National accreditation 6 monthly training activity 12 monthly training activity 2 yearly first attack training 3-year accreditation
PUAFER005 (Warden) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
PUAFER006 (Chief Warden) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
PUAFER008 (First Attack) Yes No No Yes Yes
Other employees No No Yes No No

Australian Standard 3745-2010.

Let’s have a look at the table and what it might indicate. Most of the table entries are required under work health and safety legislation, which refers to the Australian Standard 3745-2010. Indicating fire warden training requirements Victoria and other states throughout Australia and New Zealand. Many business owners often ask, what is the fire warden training Act. This is again a complex question but even so the Australian Standard 3745-2010 is where the appropriate information can be found in Australia.

One of the important factors in the initial accreditation. This sets the Emergency Control Organisation up to provide an effective response to emergencies. Instructors have a responsibility to ensure that trainees are aware that such training is only the start of the confidence and competence building process.

To put this in perspective. Firefighters complete an 18 week recruit course before they are even allowed to sit in the back seat of a fire truck. Ambulance trainees have to complete a three year degree before they are even considered for a paramedic position.

So four hours of fire warden training will give the participant very basic skills. Generally designed, so they can provide a response to an emergency prior to the emergency services arriving.

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Is accredited fire warden training the place to start.

The answer is yes. Due to the initial training is only four hours long. An accredited trainer who is very competent and experienced can provide valuable feedback to questions and essential guidance.

They can also provide managers with information on how to lead an Emergency Control Organisation. Often we look towards these managers to provide mentorship to general fire wardens. So their level of knowledge and experience must be very good.

There are  a number of companies who provide chief fire warden training online, allowing them to maintain their skills to an adequate level. Chief and fire warden training cost can be quite economical online, but must be incorporated with face to face sessions regularly. This training works to increase confidence and competence in the trainee.

Fire extinguisher training Melbourne.

Whether you’re participating in fire warden training Perth or some other capital city around the country. Understanding the theory behind the use of a fire extinguisher and incorporating such knowledge into practical sessions is paramount.

The first time one uses a fire extinguisher should not be during an emergency. Fire Extinguisher training will incorporate other important practical sessions like how to use a chemical spill kit etc.

As indicated in the above table. Follow up fire extinguisher training should be conducted every two years after the initial training. Refresher training should always be the same or very similar to the initial training.

Often instructors will contextualise such training to your specific environment during refresher training. This allows wardens to further understand the potential risks and systems in place to deal with emergencies in a specific work environment (facility).


Emergency Planning in a Facility.

In Australian Standard 3745-2010 there are a number of sections that guide the business owner through the process of setting up an Emergency Control Organisation. It first starts with the Emergency planning committee (EPC), which is generally key members of the organisation and those employees who will be trained as the chief warden.

The chief is responsible for providing coordination and leadership during emergencies. The Standard talks about command and control but in reality the chief must provide effective leadership. Command and control will just be a form of coordination.

The emergency planning committee must always be given terms of reference from the owner of a business or his/her representative. Ideally if setting up an EPC and ECO an emergency planning specialist should be consulted to provide initial guidance so the structure can be determined in an appropriate way.

Even, health and safety specialists aren’t always familiar with emergency planning concepts. Emergency preparedness and response is complex and guidance should be sought by a qualified and experienced person.

Most emergency services require a minimum of five years experience before they place people in management positions. This should be similar when you are selecting an emergency planner.

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The emergency plan.

Most businesses will have a series of processes and systems in place to ensure they remain viable into the future. An emergency plan is simply a document that outlines processes and systems to do the same. Help guide the emergency control organisation when an emergency does occur. The emergency services use exactly the same processes and systems that guide responders through every aspect of emergency response.

One of the most important guidance documents when establishing or upgrading an emergency plan for your business. Is AS 3745-2010 – it is worth obtaining a copy.

In conclusion.

As you have probably determined, fire warden training requirements Victoria and across Australia, are complex. There are a number of great documents and experienced people that can provide guidance in relation to emergency planning.

Training may be an important part of preparedness but adequate planning is where the whole process should start.

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