Fire Warden Training Melbourne and Regional Victoria in 2022

STG Fire Safety conducts fire extinguisher training using a real gas fire prop (not digital)

Even though emergency fire warden training and planning are part of commonwealth and state legislation, average compliance rates with Australian Standard 3745 are less than 30% within the business community. Generally, those that comply tend to be larger organisations (but not always).  

Your emergency management plan may be a workable document or one that generally meets your needs. After completing in one of our courses you will be able to further analyse your plan further – making it effective and suitable during emergencies. 

One question we often get asked is  “How much does fire warden training cost”? To answer these questions we have provided a price list below.

Important: The more participant in a particular course the greater the discount we apply. No matter where you are located in Melbourne or Regional Victoria. Furthermore, Fire warden training provides the basis for good emergency management in a facility, which will help your staff prepare for emergencies. 

Skills List (Nationally Accredited).

  1. Role and function of the emergency planning committee (EPC)
  2. Understanding and importance of the emergency plan
  3. Emergency response procedures
  4. Parts and responsibilities of the emergency control organisation, including the chief warden (ECO)
  5. Training requirements including skills maintenance
  6. Plan and conduct emergency response exercises
  7. Reviewing the emergency plan and communications systems/methods

Fire Warden Training requirements explained

The charts below give individuals an understanding of the requirements, particularly Australian Standard 3745-2010 (Planning for emergencies in facilities):

Initial  Training In House Activity Qualified Trainer Qualified Trainer Recommended
National accreditation 6 monthly training activity 12 monthly training activity 2 yearly first attack training 3-year accreditation
PUAFER005 (Warden)


PUAFER006 (Chief Warden)


PUAFER008 (First Attack)


Other employees


About emergency, fire warden training.

Knowledge can be the difference between life and death. So the emergency fire wardens have a significant role in preparedness, response, and recovery.

Problem-solving and providing support also to those who may require assistance. Thus, fire wardens need to consider what is happening around them continually. They can learn these skills in most circumstances, and STG Fire Safety Training is well-positioned to provide such education and training.

Furthermore, STG Fire Safety Training can provide emergency management planning courses. In particular, what the fire warden can expect to do during an emergency? Similarly, ensure you achieve full compliance with Australian Standard 3745.

Notes: Fire warden training costs and discounts apply for multiple-person and multiple-day courses.


Guide to nationally accredited fire warden courses:

Title Code Formal title Fire warden training cost:
    Fire Warden


PUAFER005 Act as part of an emergency control organization From $95 to $145 (dependent on numbers) (duriation 4.00 hrs)
    Chief Fire Warden


PUAFER006 Lead an emergency control organisation From $95 to $145 (dependent on numbers) (duriation 3.00 hrs)
    Fire Extinguisher


PUAFER008 Confine small workplace emergencies From $75 to $145 (dependent on numbers) (duriation 3.00 hrs)

General Training Costs

Doing any combination of these courses will attract a discount.

  1. The Emergency Warden course only. = $145 for one person. Discounts apply on a sliding scale for each extra person from a business (to a minimum of $95 per person).
  2. For the Chief Warden course only. = $135 for one person. All additional participants from any business will consequently attract a discount on a sliding scale to a minimum of $95 per person.
  3. Fire extinguisher course only. = $145 for one person. Discounts apply on a sliding scale for each extra person from a business (to a minimum of $75 per person).
  4. Suppose you are participating in a combination of two or more courses. For example, for the emergency warden and chief warden, training would be $250—a discount on a sliding scale for each extra person to a minimum of $175.

If you have any questions about this, please let us know.

Lastly, public safety modules are part of the National Training Framework. All fire safety courses are conducted onsite at your location. We also have a training facility located in Ballarat, Victoria. There are no minimum numbers, but we suggest at least 5 participants for cost-effectiveness. STG Fire Safety Training is proud to be an Allen’s Training Pty Ltd Partner (Quality Assured Training).

Emergency warden evacuation video.

The following is one of the better videos about the role of the Fire Warden. It is American and a few years old but still very relevant in today’s emergency planning environment. Thank you to ACSASafety.

emergency evacuation and planning with the fire warden

STG Fire Safety Training is proud to be an Allen’s Training Pty Ltd Partner (Quality Assured Training)

Also, below are some examples of classroom learning and other activities:

The Emergency Fire Warden will learn.

  1. How to respond to emergency reports, signals and warnings.
  2. Initiating and controlling an initial emergency response.
  3. Anticipating the development of emergencies.
  4. Helping with a post-initial reaction.

button-read-complete-list  (PDF File)

The Chief Emergency Warden will learn.

1. How to prepare for workplace emergencies.

2. Applying command control and coordination concerning workplace emergency procedures.

3. Controlling the response to emergency reports, signals, and warnings.

4. Coordinating reports and results of the first emergency response.

5. Effective conclusion of an emergency.

button-read-complete-list (PDF File)

Fire extinguisher training and what you will learn.

  1.  How to prepare for emergencies.
  2.  Identifying and assessing an emergency.
  3.  How to safely confine emergencies where possible.
  4.  Using first response equipment.
  5.  Methods of reporting workplace emergency response

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Onsite & Offsite Courses

Fire warden training in Melbourne and Regional Victoria is provided by STG Fire Safety training. All courses are nationally accredited and may include the same content.


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