A Fire warden or emergency officer is charged with the responsibility of fire and emergency control. Generally, in a workplace or a specified area. There are many areas where fire warden can be trained, two  of these places are in Bendigo & Mildura, a city which is located northwest of Victoria in Australia well known for agricultural activities. There are a lot of benefits which can be achieved by training a fire warden in Mildura.

Initial  Training In House Activity Qualified Trainer Qualified Trainer Recommended
National accreditation 6 monthly training activity 12 monthly training activity 2 yearly first attack training 3 year accreditation
PUAFER005 (Warden) Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes
PUAFER006 (Chief Warden) Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes
PUAFER008 (First Attack) Yes No  No  Yes  Yes
Other employees No  No  Yes No  No 



Emergency planning risk assessment

Having fire wardens identified and training onsite in Mildura or Bendigo can be very cost effective. Thus, this is why fire warden training in Mildura for your employee’s will be a cheaper option considering that they will continue performing their daily task and carry out fire assessment if needed professionally. In the long run, this will save your company a lot of money.


Fire warden has a responsibility of occasionally inspecting the workplace. Fire safety and precaution measures are set in place by organisations in case such emergencies occur. If there are any challenges or risk associated, they will report such instances instantly. Often to the concerned management and further, give perfect recommendation on how to go about it.

Keep it calm during fire emergencies

One of the main challenges we faced during a fire outbreak is panic. Employees seems to be confused on how to handle such a situation is. It is in this regard that, fire warden training in Mildura will equip your employees with skills, knowledge on how to handle such scenarios with professionalism and confidence. They are in a position to keep the calm other employees and avoid further injuries which may be associated with such panic. So it a guarantee that if your employee undergoes such training. You are sure that all employees and everyone in the workplace will be safe in the event of such risks.

Fires Emergencies can happen anywhere even in Mildura


These days posting an escape plan in strategic places in the workplace is less effective. Thus, when the fire outbreak occurs, very few or nobody will follow such instructions. This means that people will use the wrong exits. Furthermore, scramble as everyone tries to escape out of the building, and for sure, this may cause more injuries. You wouldn’t like to experience such a scenario. By training fire wardens, you are quite sure that they will lead everybody in the right exit and evacuate everyone safe and sound.

Test equipment

Through training and skills, the fire wardens undergo in Mildura. They are in a position to effectively test all fire equipment and train their colleague employees on how to use them correctly. The employees know how to identify damaged or defective fire fighting equipment. Above all, they know when and where to replace such equipment. Thus, one of the most effective ways of getting prepared to handle fire emergencies.

The benefits associated with training a fire warden in your workplace. Gain peace of mind by ensuring that your employees undergo such training because you’re sure everything will be under control in case a fire outbreak occurs.


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