Fire Warden Training in Horsham, VIC Australia

Planning, for emergencies, is just as important in major regional centers, like Horsham, as it is in metropolitan Melbourne.  Therefore, STG Fire Safety Training is well positioned and available for fire warden training around the greater Horsham area. Check  if your business complies with AS3745-2010 here for free. Planned and effective fire warden training is the key to keeping every one safe in an emergency.

An emergency fire warden is an officer who is specially trained to deal with  emergencies. However, any type of event that may cause life or property harm. Fire warden training in Horsham ensures that your workplace is well prepared. Proficiency is the key to effective response. With emergency warden training comes competence.


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[1] Fire Warden Training & other employees on fire safety

[2] Organizing fire drill and other emergency scenarios
[3] Risk assessment [4] Evacuating occupants during fire emergencies
[5] Dial triple zero in an emergency (Australia) [6] Fire Warden Training (AS 3745 – 2010)
[7] Handling emergency victims [8] Choose and install appropriate equipment

Where is Horsham located

Horsham is a regional city in Western Victoria Australia and has been subjected to a number of fast moving grassfire and bushfires over the years. Therefore, the community is familiar with emergencies and the following are the benefits likely to be achieved by fire warden training in Horsham.

  1.     Fire Warden Training & other employees on fire safety

Fire warden is charged with the responsibility of educating their colleague employees on matters relating to fire safety and other emergencies. This includes the precautionary measures to take to avoid risks and how to handle various circumstances of various types of fire outbreak.

  1.     Organizing fire drill and other emergency scenarios

It’s through these drills where all the employees in a workplace get a chance to learn and experience what is likely to take place in case of a fire outbreak. However, these organized drills equip employees with vivid skills and experience on how to deal with emergencies in case they occur. Further, the exercises help the fire warden to establish if all equipment and set precautional measure are working out effectively.


  1.     Risk assessment

This is a requirement by many businesses or rather face fines from the relevant authorities. Hiring fire warden outside the company is quite expensive. It is in this regard it becomes cheaper to train your wardens in Horsham, Victoria. Trained personnel are readily available and charge little or no fee at all. These employees are attached to other companies duties where they receive their remuneration.

  1.     Evacuating occupants during fire emergencies

The emergency fire warden is professionally trained on how to safely evacuate all occupants from the building in the event of an incident. Indeed, they are familiar with exit routes and maintaining generally remain calm during such incidents. Where the greater majority of people are prone to panic. This is one of the benefits of training, it build confidence

  1.     Dial triple zero in an emergency (Australia)

When fire does break out, it may be so intense that it requires calling for help from fire brigades. Accordingly, the emergency response may also include contacting the police and ambulance depending on the life risk and potential consequences.

Here is a reference guide for you relating to Fire Warden Training (Australian Standard 3745 – 2010).

Rates of Training Initial  Training In House Activity Qualified Trainer Qualified Trainer Recommended
National accreditation 6 monthly training activity 12 monthly training activity 2 yearly first attack training 3 year accreditation
PUAFER005 (Warden) Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes
PUAFER006 (Chief Warden) Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes
PUAFER008 (First Attack) Yes No  No  Yes  Yes
Other employees No  No  Yes No  No 
  1.     Handling emergency victims

Besides performing evacuation from the building during emergencies. Wardens are equipped with the skills and knowledge to offer first aid for minor injuries. As a consequence, they are experienced and may further comfort the victims who are in a panic due to situation.

  1.     Choose and install appropriate equipment

Emergency fire warden are adequately trained on how to select the correct emergency equipment. Besides that, they are in a position to test and identify defective equipment. This ensures that the workplace is equipped with appropriate working equipment to reduce or combat an incident.

 Each workplace requires emergency fire wardens because in the event of incidents. However, people are quickly disoriented, confused on how to handle such an emergency. Furthermore, without such personnel, the lives of employees and the business property are at high risk.

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