Fire Warden Course Outline

emergency fire warden 2The Fire Warden (also known as Emergency Warden) Training Course lasts four hours. The course provides in-depth knowledge on various topics related to general fire safety and emergency management at your business (facility). The following is an explanation of the benefits and inclusions:

  1. Introduction to emergency planning & legislation
  2. Recognizing dangers in the working or operating environment
  3. Fire Warden responsibilities
  4. Strategies for preventing emergencies
  5. Types of fire emergencies
  6. The positive and negative aspects of using safety equipment
  7. Emergency management audits
  8. Leadership and risk assessments
  9. Management of evacuation and potential scenarios

Fire Warden Course Objectives

  1. Skills necessary to effectively manage people in times of crisis.
  2. Awareness of the different obligations and responsibilities.
  3. Mitigating risks to occupants and business operations.
  4. Practical implementation of the emergency management plan (EMP).
  5. Using the firefighting tools and equipment.
  6. Training and establishing appropriate competency levels.
  7. Determining potential human response to an emergency.

The Advantages of Completing This Fire Warden Training Course

  1. You will be able to respond quickly and with purpose in a crisis.
  2. Acquire the knowledge necessary to execute procedures designed to help keep all occupants of a facility safe
  3. Actively take on the responsibilities of a Fire Warden.
  4. You will have the skills to handle a given situation effectively.
  5. Capable of comprehending how to use firefighting equipment properly.
  6. Acquire the skills necessary to handle unexpected events.
  7. You will learn post-emergency activities to help facilitate business continuity and how to implement change where required.
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Participating in this course onsite.

The instruction is of the same high quality as that provided in our classrooms, but it is delivered on-site at your place of business. This is the best choice for fulfilling large or small scale training requirements while simultaneously reducing time spent away from the office.

Individualized educational experience
Regardless of your project or business needs, our courses can be modified within the national training framework to meet those requirements.

You should get the most out of your training budget.
Reduce any costs that aren’t necessary, and put every last dollar of your budget towards the thing that matters the most – the training.

An opportunity for team building

This presents an excellent opportunity for your team to interact with and strengthen their bonds. Furthermore, talk about topics that might not be possible in a typical offsite classroom setting.

Monitor employees progress
Maintain a record of the development and performance of your staff members within your own workspace.

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