Fire Safety Tips in the Workplace

Workplace fires pose a serious threat to any business no matter its type, size, location, or status. A devastating fact is that most businesses do not recover fully from a fire disaster. Hopefully our fire safety tips (workplace) will provide a guide for you.

As such, every business should make an effort to put some fire accident preventative measures in place. Besides, business owners have a legal duty to ensure that the workplace is a safe environment for everyone.

Ensuring fire safety (tips) is in a workplace environment is, however, not a hard thing to do. The Fire safety tips for the workplace covered in this article should go a long way in helping any business stay safe from fires. So read on to discover how you can keep your business safe from fires:

Fire safety tips and area’s covered in this post:

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[1]  Take out the trash
[2]  Store chemicals safely
[3]  Detection and warnings
[4]  Hold regular drills
[5]  Utilize a fire warden system
[6]  Know your fire extinguishers
[7]  Prevent ignition in explosive areas

 1. Take out the trash

Having a clean and well-organized work-space is one of the most effective methods of staying safe from fire disasters. If your business handles a lot of flammable material, disposing of the waste in an organized manner could be the difference between minor fire damage and a catastrophic blaze. Things such as stacks of paper and oily rags should be kept away from naked flames by all means.

 2. Store chemicals safely

Most companies might not feel like this point applies to them, but the fact is that almost every company handles flammable chemicals even if in small quantities. Come to think of it; the cleaning products stocked in the cleaner’s cupboard can make a huge difference when exposed to flames. If you’ve got flammable liquids in your workplace, be sure to store them in a safe place and include the right labelling.


3.Detection and warnings

It’s the responsibility of every business owner to install reliable means of raising the alarm if a fire is detected. One can install a manual or automatic fire alarm and detection system to alert everyone in the building in case of a fire. A fire that is detected early enough can be managed depending on the situation, averting a disaster.

Other than a fire detection system, a business should have additional fire safety equipment such as:

    •   Fire doors
    •   Fire safety (tips) signs
  •   Emergency exits
  •   Emergency lighting
  •   Fire extinguishers.

All equipment should be tested and maintained accordingly to ensure reliability in case of a threat. If you’ve set a specific time and day to test the fire detection and alarm system, be sure to notify everyone who will be in the premises to avoid panic.

 4. Hold regular drills

Exit procedures are one of the most significant concerns in case of a fire. As such, it’s essential to hold regular drills as a way of fire safety (tips) training to that everyone knows what they should do in case of a fire. If your employees seem not to take the drills seriously, you may want to re-educate them on the importance of fire safety.

5. Proper accessibility of electrical control panels

If there is an emergency and you need to shut down certain machines or even turn off the entire fire system, there should be nothing standing in the way. Keep in mind that every second counts in case of an emergency.

As such, there should be a clear line of sight and access to all control panels in the business. You may want to have them marked as well to ensure easy identification since emergencies bring confusion at times.

 6. Utilize a fire warden system

Any workplace no matter how big or small can benefit a lot from the utilization of a fire warden system. There should be one or more individuals who are tasked with coming up with fire safety policies and ensuring that they are well maintained. These individuals, who are known as fire wardens, should work in collaboration with their employer to ensure that there are clear evacuation procedures. They should also receive proper training on how to properly operate fire-fighting equipment.


 7. Prevent ignition in explosive areas

If your workplace deals with a massive quantity of flammable liquids, be sure to avoid ignition at all costs. Keep in mind that flammable liquids are susceptible to ignition even when bottled and capped. As such, you should avoid using sparking equipment in such environments and also try as much as possible to reduce the emission of static electricity. Smoking should also be highly prohibited in such zones to minimize the chances of an accident.

8. Know your fire extinguishers

As you probably already know, there are different types of fire extinguishers, and each one of them is more suitable for use in a specific environment. You should use the most suitable extinguishers depending on the environments at your workplace. Also, ensure that the individuals in charge of fire safety properly understand the various types of fire extinguishers in your workplace.

In summary,

Fire hazards in workplaces pose a significant threat to business operations and the success of the company in the end. The Fire safety tips in the workplace discussed in this article, however, should go a long way in ensuring that every business is safe from such hazards. If you’re a business owner, be sure to take fire safety seriously to avoid legal issues.

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