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Do you offer workplace training?

Yes, we offer workplace training and assessment. Our instructors all have Cert 4 in Training and Assessment.

Yes, we welcome anyone to register for an online or offline course. If you are under 18 years old and it is a paid course we will require parents/guardians consent.

With workplace courses, all of our instructors have to work with children’s checks. To ensure we maintain national based quality control we are assessed and audited by Allen’s Training (RTO: 90909) who also manage all accredited training requirements under the national training body (ASQA).

How secure is your website?

We use the industry standard security certificates for our website. Which is indicated by the closed lock in the address bar.

Our interface is provided by WordPress and we use high-end security plugins that constantly scan for threats.

Even so, it would be wrong to suggest that we can 100% guarantee online security (no website can do that), but please be assured we are taking active steps to limit any attack.

Keeping your account secure!

  1. Choose a strong password when you register.
  2. Change the password regularly.
  3. Keep your details secret.
  4. Contact us immediately something seems suspicious.

Do you have a privacy policy?

Yes,  your privacy is very important to us. We have an extensive privacy policy that you can review at the following url:



Is the website able to handle a large amount of users?

Yes, our server provides infrastructure to handle a large amount of traffic at any one time.

As we grow we will monitor speeds and other key service indicators and if required alter our server to keep up with demand.

Leadership and Mentoring

Do your leadership seminars only include one presenter?

No, most of our programs and seminars include two presenters. Some even include one of our specialist presenters who are known for their knowledge of a specific field of study.

Generally, we make the decision on which of the specialists we may call on,  because it may depend a little on your type of company.

If you require a program other than those we offer please let us know and you will be provided with a specific quotation.

Do you provide any leadership accreditation’s?

We don’t provide National Accreditation. Even so, for most of our programs, we provide a participation certificate.

Where we have mentored and developed individuals we can provide a written reference and Syncretic Training Group Leadership Development accreditation.

This is not a National Accreditation but will be viewed by many organisations as a worthy qualification.

We have many work site can you attend each one?

We are always happy to attend a variety of work locations. Spreading our leadership information is our passion.

This could be anywhere in remote Australia to most other places world wide.

What theories do you use within your seminars?

We refer to a number of theories during our seminars. Some are personal theories we have formulated from a lifetime of experience and research.

Leadership Authors and thinkers like Simon Sinek often provide us with a basis for modern management discussions. Some theories that we discuss and will be referred to during our programs include:

  1. The Great Person theory
  2. The Managerial Grid
  3. Participative Leadership (Lewin)
  4. Situational Leadership (Hersey and Blanchard)
  5. Contingency and Transitional Leadership
  6. Transnational Leadership (Bass & Burns)
  7. Motivation Theories.

Some of these theories have been discredited over the years,  and we discuss whether that is good or bad and why.

Do you provide advertising opportunities on your website?

Yes, we have many advertising options but they are quite limited to ensure users get a great experience when using our interface. Please let us know if you would like further detail.

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