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I want to order fire warden training and pay online but can’t find the link!

Use this link:  https://shop.stgtraining.com.au/

You can select a course and pay online –  if you are unsure, please give us a call at (03) 9005 1767

We accept the following payment methods:  Credit/Debit Cards, Paypal, Via invoice, and direct bank transfer. They are all available when you follow our checkout system.



Do you offer workplace training?

Yes, we offer workplace training and assessment onsite at your location. Our instructors all have Cert 4 in Training and Assessment & yes, we welcome anyone to register online or offline (Call: 03 9005 1767).


Do you offer onsite training at our location?

Yes, we can come to you anywhere in Victoria.  There is generally a minimum of five trainees but let us know your requirements by filling out the quotation form. We will work out the best solution in consultation with you (no obligation).

I live in a remote part of Victoria (Mildura) what are your travel cost?

Generally, within 40km of the Ballarat CBD and Melbourne CBD, there are no travel costs. Depending on numbers, outside this area, there may be travelling costs. If your location is many KM from either of these locations, we will look at the numbers and determine if there will be travel costs. Then provide you with a fully itemized quotation. I.e. To provide an onsite fire safety course in Mildura for 5 to 12 trainees, the travel cost would be $195. If the trainee numbers were more significant than 12 participants, there would likely be no travelling cost. Please fill out the quotation form or give us a call to receive an obligation-free quotation.

What fire safety and other courses do you offer?

We offer nationally accredited courses on behalf of Allens Training (RTO: 90909), including:

  1. Fire Warden – Operate as part of an emergency control organisation.
  2. Chief Warden – Lead an emergency control organisation.
  3. Fire Extinguisher training – Confine small workplace emergencies in a facility.

Our other courses include:

  1. Basic Bushfire Awareness
  2. Industrial Bushfire Awareness
  3. Advanced Bushfire Awareness
  4. Managing an Emergency Control Organisation



We have many work sites can you attend each one?

We are always happy to attend a variety of work locations anywhere in Victoria (minimum of 5 trainees). We can attend your location if you are on a remote wind farm in the far west of the state or far east Gippsland.


I have completed fire warden training. Can I complete Chief Warden training only?

Yes, but there are a few conditions. You must be able to provide us with a copy of the Emergency Warden certificate (PUAFER005 is a prerequisite). This document must be issued by a registered training organisation (RTO) and be verifiable. If you meet these conditions, you only need to complete the Chief Warden training (PUAFER006)



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