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Cromtech 2400w Inverter Generator
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The Domestic and Recreation Generator

The Cromtech 2400w Inverter Generator:

When you want power

And there is none to be had, just reach for your new Cromtech 2400 watt inverter generator. It is easy to use and takes only 5 liters to fill its gas tank. Once you pull it out of storage you can use the 2- 15 amp outlets, the USB charging port or charge up a 12 Volt DC battery with ease.

  • Then when you do not need it, there is a dust cover to protect it from getting dirty when not in use. With the overload alarm you should be able to avoid plugging in too many electrical wires. Plus, there is a low oil alarm letting you know when it is time to add some more.
  • Once you fill the gas tank, you can get between 5 and 20 hours of service on one tank. How many hours you get depends on how many items you plug into this lightweight and easy to carry generator.

Where to use this generator

  • There is more good news about this generator. it is very versatile as it can be used in your RV, on camping trips, in your car when you need power where no outlets exist and more.
  • On top of that, you can use it at home when the power goes out. No more being barred from the internet as you should be able to power your computer and internet modems with this device.
  • Or if you have a booth at a craft fair, swap meet or flea market, you can power up tools for testing to get more sales. Its versatility allows you to provide better service to yourself and your customers.

You get top protection

This affordable Cromtech 2400w Inverter Generator comes with a 1 year warranty to make sure your get the coverage you need when you need it. if it doesn’t produce enough power for your needs, then look into buying the Cromtech 4500 watt inverter generator.
Cromtech has your electrical needs well in hand and makes sure you do not lack for power when the electricity is nowhere to be found.

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The Domestic and Recreation Generator 0 reviews

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The Domestic and Recreation Generator 0 reviews

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