MEGAFire MF15ABE 1.5kg ABE Portable Fire Extinguisher

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MEGAFire MF15ABE 1.5kg ABE Portable Fire Extinguisher

The ideal quencher for business vehicles.

2A:30B:E fire rating

Principles Australia endorsed

Phosphate-treated polyester-covered red lustrous steel chamber

1400kPa measure

Dark powder covered steel handle

Provided with dark powder covered vehicle section

Sharp blue nylon spout

Excellent EPDM hose

Provided with upkeep tag


Specialist Capacity: 1.5kg

Specialist Type: ABE Dry Chemical Powder

Endorsements: AS/NZS 1841.5

Box Quantity: 1

Section: Vehicle

Chamber Construction: Steel

Chamber Dimensions: D100mm

Chamber Finish: Phosphate treated and polyester covering

Chamber Pressure Test: 5 Yearly

Measurements: W100 x H370mm

Release Time: 12 seconds

Fire Rating: 2A:30B:E

Net Mass: 3.2kg

Hose: Yes

Spout Size: 3.0mm

Intermittent Test Pressure: 2.7MPa

Pressing factor: 1400kPa

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