Bushfire Training Course

Basic and advanced bushfire training course

Do you have employees travelling through country Victoria during the Bushfire Season? Would a basic or advanced bushfire training course help prepare them for the worst case scenario. To be well informed on the dangers of bushfire is the key to employee and personal safety.

Furthermore, imagine travelling through a bushfire prone area and being confronted with a fire. In reality, is it likely your employees will know the most appropriate,ย  and potentially life saving, action to take?

Above all, at STG Fire Safety Training we are well positioned to provide bushfire training courses from basic to advanced,ย for all Victorians. Please read on and find out why!

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Who is likely to benefit from this bushfire training course:

Businesses (general); Wind Farm employees; Railway employees; Government contractors; Government departments; School students and staff; Construction companies; Farming communities and families; Factories located near a rural/urban interface; Utility Companies (Gas, power, water and others); Mining operations; And many more.

What you will learn in Bushfire Awareness Victoria:

  • Firstly, an introduction to Victorian bushfires
  • Bushfire behavior and development
  • Safety around fire including general heat and heat related illness
  • Managing stress levels
  • Protective Clothing for travelers & property owners
  • Simple and low cost equipment to assist with survival
  • Taking refuge from a bushfire (includes a scenario and practical activity)
  • Alerting and communications with authorities & employers
  • Managing risk & how to understand critical media messages (fire danger ratings etc)
  • Finally, protection of others in your care and conclusion.

How long will the training take?

Mr Clock

Basic Bushfire Awareness:ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  3 Hours

Industrial Bushfire Awareness:ย  ย  ย 4 Hours

Hi Risk Bushfire Awareness:ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  8 Hours


Note: These courses are designed for people with little or no understanding of Bushfire risk. Furthermore, a certificate of participation will be provided to attendees.

Generally, we travel to all locations throughout Victoria and Australia. Hence, please email or call for a quotation.

About the presenter:

Ken Walker Senior emergency managerFirstly, our presenter is a retired CFA career firefighter with experience responding to major bushfires throughout Australia. Secondly, managing the response of almost 100 brigades.


  • Cert IV in Training and Assessment
  • Associate Diploma of Applied Science in Fire Technology;
  • And is a Graduate member of the Institute of Fire Engineers
  • Strike Team Leader (Wildfire & Structure fire) *
  • Operations Officer (Commander)*
  • Wildfire Behavior and Suppression

disaster recovery wildfire

*Retired firefighter and no longer performing the role.