Including pets in your bushfire plan.

To start with, pets are generally viewed as one of the family by many people. Hence, to lose them during a bushfire, or at any time, would be devastating. Furthermore, animals and bushfire don’t really mix. Indeed, they are likely to panic if trapped or overcome by smoke.

Therefore, one of the most important things a pet owner can do is to include your pets in an emergency plan.

Prepare an emergency kit for your pets and bushfire

Although, most owners have a great deal of love and affection for their pets. As a matter of priority, every plan should include pets and bushfire kit. In reality, it really doesn’t take a whole lot of thought and planning. Even so, when you confronted with a bushfire, your adrenaline will be surging through your body and confusion may set in.

However, if a pet and bushfire kit checklist is pre-planned, the more likely you will be able to look after your pet post-bushfire.  

Anyhow, what should the pet and bushfire kit include? Here are a few suggestions:

  • Firstly, food and water
  • Collars or carriers for security
  • Bedding  and medication if required
  • Vaccination records and a play toy

Although, this is not a complete list. When you sit the family down to prepare a written plan the list will create further discussion.

Pet injuries after a fire

In the event that your pet is injured during a bushfire. Treatment is similar to first aid we would give people. Thus, where burns have occurred to apply first aid we would use running water to remove the heat from the wound.

After this, it would be essential that you get medical treatment form a veterinary clinic. During bushfire, many vets will work quite long hours to treat pets and other animals. Always, seek advice inreation to effective treatment for your pet.





Personal safety during a bushfire

In fact, during a bushfire, we may plan to protect our loved ones. Therefore, the establishment of an effective emergency plan is essential. But even so, the priority is generally to protect yourself first. If your safety is compromised and you become incapacitated, you will be unable to assist those that need your help the most.

Consequently, the activities and actions one takes are critical to preserving life and property. Stay informed and where possible leave early before a fire starts and the fire danger rating increases.

With this in mind, monitor the emergency services websites. Generally, they have updates on fire activity around the state or similar. Radio is another good source of information with the regular transmission of relevant information. Remember, often the power goes out during fire so a backup plan is an important safety factor.

Pet care during hot weather

In the first place, hot weather can make humans quite uncomfortable. Pets often feel the same and require care during hot weather. Pets and bushfire. Accordingly, they need hydration and shelter from the sun.

In short, you may even need to pat them down with a wet cloth and bring outside pets inside. Where signs and symptoms of ill health are observed a pet should be consulted.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, all emergency bushfire plans need activities designed to keep pets safe. Most actions are simply common sense. Even so, don’t wait until it’s too late.

By Ken Walker

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