Benefits of Emergency Warden Training in Geelong

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Having fire fighting equipment is not generally enough to project employees and handle a fire or other emergency. The emergency fire warden is protecting businesses around Geelong and Corio Bay. Moving on, whether first aid kits or other non-fire-related equipment.

It’s necessary to protect the life of your employees and valuables in the business. It’s the second-largest city in the state of Victoria and is an emerging hub for education, manufacturing and health care.

The following are the benefits of emergency Fire Warden training in Geelong:

Initial Training In House Activity Qualified Trainer Qualified Trainer Recommended
National accreditation 6 monthly training activity 12 monthly training activity 2 yearly first attack training 3-year accreditation
PUAFER005 (Warden) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
PUAFER006 (Chief Warden) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
PUAFER008 (First Attack) Yes No No Yes Yes
Other employees No No Yes No No
  1.     Carry out a risk assessment

This is part and parcel of workplace safety and can only be carried out effectively by a trained warden in Geelong. This training will inform your employees on how to carry out emergency preparedness activities. In many businesses is an essential requirement. This assessment ensures that you are in a position to manage most hazards you may be confronted with. It’s by this fact that they will know their safety is well catered for, and this may boost productivity significantly or at least give employees confidence in those managing the business.

  1.     Promotes awareness through an emergency scenario

Fire warden training enables the trainee to be able to carry out regular fire drill in your workplace. These drills may seem to be a waste of time to uninformed employees. But they do provide a valuable opportunity for employers to help change attitudes.  Potentially reducing the dangerous impact of the emergency. Additionally, these drills enable the warden to check if safety equipment is working well, and could include fire extinguishers, detectors and alarms.

  1.     Act as a measure to fight the emergency

Emergency fire warden training equips such trainee with knowledge and confidence. It is in this regard a workplace can be prepared adequately by ensuring some employees undergoes training. It is important to note that, more and more insurance companies require trainers to conduct specific activities i.e. hose reel drills. There is the potential for such companies to void claims where health and safety authorities find an owner liable. Further, this training will also ensure that the lives of your most important asset, employees, are well protected.

Benefits of Emergency Warden Training in Geelong 02

  1.     Choosing the correct fire safety equipment

Mostly, one can comfortably count on an emergency fire warden, when it comes to selecting fire fighting equipment. Personnel generally take the role very seriously and will research thoroughly the design and usability of equipment. Such material includes fire alarms, fire extinguishers, detectors just to mention but a few. Moreover, fire wardens will be able to enlighten other employees on how to keep calm in the event of an incident and how to use the fire fighting equipment to combat a fire.

  1.     Carry out the evaluation process

Fire warden training in Geelong enables the trainee to be able to identify evacuation routes for occupants and staff. This is a great way to ensure everyone is evacuated safely without necessarily scrambling to get out of the building. Which in turn could result in serious injuries? Further, they are charged with the responsibilities of calling for help from fire brigades or other emergency services, if need be.

To keep it simple, there are many benefits associated with having a fire warden at your workplace. So don’t take chances as long as the life of your employees and your valuable business are at stake and remains a priority.

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