Local Fire Safety Training Questions and Answers

Fire-Warden-Safety-Training Questions and Answers

Here are some questions & answers for your organisation to help problem solve emergency management.

Q: Is your organisations emergency warden training accreditation up-to date? If so, are they continuing to develop their emergency responder skills?

Ans: If you have trained and accredited your emergency wardens – your almost there. Why not consider further development. We can work with you to develop a plan to practice and improve proficiency.

Q: In relation to emergency preparedness. Is you organisation ready for a Work Safe inspection? 

Ans: Businesses can be quite vulnerable during emergencies and therefore need to prepare for response and recovery. Completing an audit of your emergency management plan may help ensure you are prepared for a Workplace inspection. Emergency preparedness will need to comply with Australian Standard 3745-2010

Q: Is your emergency warden response training contextualized to your specific environment.

Ans: This is a very important factor when planning training. Therefore, analysing an organisations needs is always a priority. There is no need to have an accredited trainer every time you conduct an exercise or training. Even so, initial accreditation and ongoing development becomes critical when building confidence in those emergency wardens who will be tasked with keeping your employees and facility safe.

We suggest that an accredited trainer and emergency management specialist should attend at least 35% to 50% of all training and exercises.

Q: Can you provide accredited emergency warden training?

Ans: Yes – we can provide national accreditation through training in all aspect of emergency management including CPR and LVR refreshers.  (Allens Training RTO #90909).


Q: Is the cost between non accredited and accredited training substantial.

Ans: To begin with, Generally no.  Even so, there is a Registered Training Organisation cost for the accreditation (generally an additional $25 & $30 per student per course) as compared to non accredited training. Furthermore, there can be any number of participants, from one to 15, in each training session. Larger groups are possible but extra time would be required to ensure every participant gets the effective training.

Q: Is there any extras provided to support your programs.

Ans: Yes,  you will have 12 months access to our emergency management tools. Including, online emergency plan generator and Fire order generator, developed by us.

Q: What is your availability including weekends?

Ans: As an emergency manager and trainer, often time slots fill fast. In short, please give us a call to determine availability.  We are available on weekends and at night where required.

Q: What guarantee do you provide if i’m not happy with your program.

Ans: An unconditional guarantee & peace of mind. In the unlikely event you are unhappy with the training and/or emergency planning we provide –  a full refund will be issued i.e. the total invoice amount – no exceptions.

Q: We have business locations all over Australia, can you service each location.

Ans: Yes we are very familiar with legislation across Australia and can travel to almost any location.




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