Workplace Training

Workplace Training and Skills Maintenance Do you ever wonder how to make your workplace training and assessment relevant and more cost-effective? Well at Syncretic Training Group we have so many options to help you achieve your goals. Workplace training with


Fire Warden Courses

Fire Warden Courses accredited or non accredited +  Firstly, do you require accredited or skills maintenance fire warden courses?  In brief, fire warden training will help to prepare your staff for that emergency, hence, we hope never occurs. +  Likewise,


Leadership and Mentoring

As a rule, do you consider yourself a good or even maybe a great leader? Similarly, if the answer’s yes or even maybe, then you are well on the way to achieving great things. Therefore, our leadership and mentoring programs

Emergency Management Blog

Farm Fire Safety & Emergency Planning


Where to start first with farm fire safety

Are you from a farming community or a resident of a rural location? Similarly, you probably understand the real and devastating impact of bushfire. Usually, farm fire safety is a key issue for those living in fire-prone areas.

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Emergency Management Planning

Has your organisation recently experienced a real emergency that didn’t go so well? Or maybe you would just like to reduce the risk of losing your greatest asset? At Syncretic Training Group Pty Ltd our emergency planners have spent many years in this field. They are passionate about helping businesses produce real and workable solutions within the emergency plan.

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Why hazmat awareness training will increase safety

In brief, from time to time we hear of major emergencies involving hazardous materials. Similarly, these types of fires or other emergencies can be devastating to the business and local community. Thus, everyone form emergency services workers to fire wardens benefit from hazmat awareness training.

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